Living with low and zero carbon technologies

Here are some general guides to help you if you have moved into a new home with technology such as solar panels, heat pumps, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, that you are not familiar with. They tell you what to expect from them and how to get the best performance from them.

If you already have a system you don't need to know how to choose one or if it will be value for money. These guides explain:

  • What does it do?
  • How do I know it is working?
  • Is there anything I should be doing/not doing?
  • Should it really be making that noise?
  • What maintenance does it need?

You will find answers to questions such as How can I tell if my solar hot water panel is working? Why are solar panels noisy? (It isn't the panels, it's the inverter). Can you turn off MVHR in the summer? Does my heat pump need regular maintenance?

If you like these pages or if you have suggestions please let me know. The complete list of 'living with' guides is: