Cambridge 105 - the Science show

Together with my friend Roger Frost I have produced and presented 6 science programs on Cambridge 105 community radio. In case you missed them you can download the podcasts.

7th April 2012: Cambrdge Water - - Chocolate
  • Stephen Kay explains how Cambridge Water Company supplies the city with water (even in the current drought), and how fixing leaks in the water mains is a never ending job
  • John Green, a former college admissions tutor, recommends students should choose their degree courses using statistical data rather than anecdotal evidence
  • Regular chocolate eaters are thinner than average - so is it good for us after all?.
24th Mar 2012: IUCN - Plants in drought - Unprinting paper
  • The IUCN is the world's largest and oldest environmental organisation: Rebeccal Miller tells us what happens in their office on Huntingdon Road.
  • Rainfall last year in Cambridge was the lowest since 1960 - plant scientist Helen Holmes explains how our the drought affects the plants in our gardens.
  • Researchers at Cambridge University have demonstrated how to 'unprint' toner from paper.
10th Mar 2012: Heat Seekers - British Antarctic Survey - Cambridge Science Festival
  • Dawn Morley from Heat seekers explains how they use infra red cameras to find houses which are losing a lot of heat
  • Dr. Alastair Graham from the British Antarctic Survey tells about life in hot water around hydrothermal vents
  • The Cambridge Science Festival, an overview from Shelley Bolderson from the festival office
19th Feb 2012 Delta-T - The Art of Science - Zebra Stripes
  • An interview with Tony Peloe from local firm Delta-T which makes environment monitoring devices
  • The 'Art of Science' - a unique science quiz game, reviewed by quiz expert Nigel Oakeley
  • Why do zebras have stripes?
5th Feb 2012: OIRIS Infra Red Camera - The Epigenetics Revolution - Air Source Heat Pumps
  • An interview with Laurence Robinson about his invention the OSIRIS infra red camera
  • A book review: The Epigenetics Revolution by Nessa Carey
  • A visit to a house which uses an air source heat pump for central heating
22nd Jan 2012: Home Heat Loss - Granta Design - Football results
  • Dr. Ray Galvin explains about heat loss from houses
  • The impact of football distracting students from revising for their GCSEs.
  • Stuart Dyer from Granta Design explains how they help engineers and designers choose materials for their product