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Why my heat pump performed worse this winter
Air source heat pumps heat the outside air even when heating your home
Why do heat pumps get less efficient in warm weather?

Quick and cheap energy saving actions

What can you do to save money (and carbon) without significant outlay? See this report from Nesta (my part was mainly modelling) covering: reducing radiator temperature or hot water temperature, turn off pre-heat on a combi boiler, closing curtains, installing film over your windows, topping up loft insulation, smarter thermostats or TRVS ...

Water usage calculator

I have updated the water usage calculator to make it easier to use. Why don't you give it a whirl?

EV and heat pumps - compare carbon emissions and costs?

Are you thinking of replacing your car with an electric vehicle, or replacing your heating system with a heat pump (or alternative electric system) Would you like to know how much this would save in carbon emissions, and roughly how much it will cost you? Here are two new tools to help you. Click here for the car and here for the heating system. The calculator takes into account solar panels if your have them.

Guides for living with solar panels, heat pumps, MVHR

These guides are for people who have renewable energy systems or low carbon heating already installed - they explain how to check they are working, what maintenance they need, what to do to get the best out of them. I also have a short presentation based on them that I have in November for CCF.

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