Assumptions behind the water usage estimates

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Showerlitres per minute
Low flow6

Bath: 90 litres

Toiletlitres per flush
Very old13
Dual flush5

Each person uses basin taps for 2.0 minutes each day

Basin tapslitres per minute
low flow4

Your household runs kitchen taps for 0.5 minutes each day. Plus each time you wash up by hand you use 8 litres and each day's cooking requires 3 litres.

Kitchen tapslitres per minute
low flow8

The washing machine takes 40 litres for a full load. Dishwashers are more variable:

Dishwasherlitres per cycle
old (> 5 years)18
new (<= 5 years)10

If you are using mains water in the garden, you do this for 3 months of the year. A hose uses 20 litres per minute, a sprinkler 6 (like a shower). A bucket is 10 litres and a watering can 8 litres. For washing the car, if you use a hose it runs for 10 minutes; if you use a bucket, then 3 bucket fulls.

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