Energy Quiz

Which uses more energy: car or washing machine? Kettle or TV?

I created this little quiz for Transition Cambridge Energy group to engage people in discussion about energy at a stall in a shopping centre - and we think it could be used in lots more places by other Transition groups or organisations with similar aims, or you can use it at home, on your children (or your parents?).

It tests your knowledge of how mcuh energy you use around the house - which things use a lot and which only a little. The data comes from my book Energy and Carbon Emissions: the way we live today so you can see where I got the numbers from if you buy the book (plug!).

Basically all you do is match up activities with how much energy they use. This zip file has instructions, cards and a poster in pdf form. The table below shows the activities on the cards. You will have to download the quiz to get the answers.

Vacuum cleaning (30 minutes) Boil kettle (2 mugs) Drive 5km (3 miles) Average new car 2009
Hair dryer (5 minutes) Hot shower (5 minutes) Washing machine (cottons at 40C, machine is 10 years old)
LCD TV for an evening: 5 hours Plasma TV for an evening: 5 hours run Freezer for 1 day (new class A freezer)