Building works to December 18th

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Most of the internal work is done now and the solar thermal panel is in and functioning. We even have had warmth from it (about 5 units a week, at this time of year). The glass for the dormer only arrived this week and is still missing openers but we are really close to the end now. Both the new shower rooms are now in use.

2009:11:25 Inside the library, the wall under the windows has been insulated. This does actually make a difference.
2009:11:25 Frames for the new bay went in today.
2009:11:25 The frames on the front bay are very spiffy. No glass yet though so the boards remain behind.
2009:12:01 Glass in the front bay!
2009:12:01 But not all of it - one of the panes was the wrong size
2009:11:25 Library bookshelves coming along. Note the led lights on the beam in the middle.
2009:12:18 The library shelves are complete except for varnishing
2009:12:18 The shutters are ready for painting and all the plastering is tidied in the library
2009:12:01 Inside the yellow bedroom fully glassed
2009:12:18 The yellow bedroom now has an inset shelf (backing onto the shower next door), just waiting for the clips to hold the shleves in place
2009:11:25 Blue bedroom - painting started. Picture rail in place.
2009:11:25 1st floor shower room - waiting for paint and tiles.
2009:12:01 The en-suite for the blue bedroom is now painted
2009:12:01 The blue bedroom is also painted but not yet carpeted
2009:12:18 Bue bedroom complete now with carpet and fancy lampshade
2009:12:18 This lampshade came in kit form and took Arthur 5 hours to assemble.
2009:11:25 Top floor landing - doors and walls done but not the stairs
2009:11:25 All the landing still needs painting but the holes for the solar thermal plumbing have been made ready.
2009:12:18 Fully painted landing, on a snowy morning
2009:12:01 The solar panel can be seen now on the roof, as the rear scaffolding has gone at last
2009:11:25 Dormer window now has most of the window frames in.
2009:12:18 Glass in the new dormer at last! (But the trim is not complete, because the window openers are not available so there is still some protective roofing felt).
2009:12:18 View from the new dormer
2009:11:25 Old office all painted - wanting only carpet, which we ordered today.
2009:11:25 And we haven't chosen the light shades yet.
2009:11:25 Top floor shower room waiting for tiles
2009:11:25 Functioning top floor shower room
2009:11:25 Functioning top floor shower (ceiling vent needs to be finished too)