Building works Tranche 2

July-August - This page: September-October - November-December - End of phase 1

There were some very big changes during this period as the gas pipework was upgraded and the hot water system converted to mains pressure with a new tank and boiler, allowing the old cold water tank to be removed. Ducting for the new venting with heat exchanger system was installed. Also the rear dormer was finished off and the new front dormer constructed. The steelwork for the new bay was installed but the glass was still not ready so the front is still boarded up against the weather.

2009:09:02 Yet more insulation to be laid
2009:09:02 Blue bedroom now has insulation around the windows and some plasterboard on the wall
2009:09:16 Blue bedroom plasterboard going around the windows
2009:09:03 Old office mostly plastered
2009:09:03 New velux window in old office (showing thickness of insulation)
2009:09:02 Rockwool insulation on the internal walls around the 1st floor shower room
2009:09:02 Rockwool insulation on the internal walls around the shower room (top floor)
2009:09:02 We found the floor of the downstairs loo was partly directly on earth with no damp course! This had to be dug up and made properly. New (fatter) water supply coming in to the downstairs loo
2009:09:02 New stopcock for new water supply
2009:09:02 New fat water pipe now connected to meter. Pavement can be relaid now
2009:09:26 New floor constructed in downstairs loo
2009:09:16 Old boiler coming out - immersion heater only now for a while
2009:09:19 Bathroom door right off its hinges to help get the new water tank in
2009:09:19 New water tank with temporary plumbing so we have hot water over the weekend
2009:09:19 The old hot water tank
2009:09:19 The new boiler in the cupboard but still in its box
2009:09:19 Neat new vent for the new boiler (old vent filled in)
2009:09:21 Mostly plumbed in hot water tank
2009:09:21 Valve fitted into old shower head to try to stop leakage, now it is running at mains pressure
2009:09:26 Shiny new (and much smaller) boiler
2009:09:29 Old shower still leaked from valve controls so new valves inserted in inlet pipe and the area temporarily sealed (valves controlled by 2 screws so screwdriver now kept in shower!)
2009:09:16 Partly leaded rear dormer
2009:09:17 Hole in the front wall for the new gas meter
2009:09:26 External gas pipe fitted to new meter
2009:09:26 Temporary internal gas connection (internal pipework will replaced with fatter pipe)
2009:09:29 Neat new gas pipe from meter to fatter internal pipework
2009:09:19 1st floor shower room showing ethernet cables channeled next to the soil pipe.
2009:09:19 Top floor shower room showing pipework for vents
2009:09:19 Venting system under the eaves
2009:09:19 Pipework for venting under the eaves
2009:09:26 Venting outlet on roof
2009:09:26 Eaves cleared of old cold water tank
2009:09:29 Eaves by old cold water tank now has insulation and purlin moved back to match the other side
2009:09:16 Roof tiles removed from what will be the new front dormer
2009:09:16 Roof struts gone too - can look out onto the road from inside the attic
2009:09:17 Framework going in for front dormer
2009:09:19 Progressing the front dormer framework
2009:09:26 Front dormer framework
2009:09:25 New dormer framework now complete
2009:09:26 1st floor shower room, plumbing for shower and basin
2009:09:26 1st floor shower room, plumbing but no floor
2009:09:26 Plants cleared away from small courtyard, now living on the lawn (moved regularly to protect grass)
2009:09:02 Path laid down side alley
2009:09:25 Top course of bricks replaced on front wall
2009:09:26 Hydrangea in the front garden mutilated by scaffolding
2009:09:26 Front garden path
2009:09:29 Insulation stuffed in holes between ceiling joists and top of boarding up to reduce leaks (no glass for another 6 weeks)
2009:09:30 Steelwork construction for new bay
2009:09:30 Steelwork construction for new bay
2009:09:30 Steelwork construction for new bay (top, as viewed from attic window)
2009:09:30 Steelwork construction for new bay
2009:09:30 Steelwork construction for new bay
2009:10:28 New floor in library
2009:10:28 New floor in library
2009:10:29 In the library, the ceiling above the bay has been built and insulated but not plastered
2009:10:28 Electricity meter will be moved soon
2009:10:29 The new solar pipe in the back of the library
2009:10:29 The solar pipe runs through the downstairs loo (now boxed in)
2009:10:29 The solar pipe comes out on the new roof above the downstairs loo
2009:10:29 The downstairs loo once again has toilet and basin