Building works - Started July 18th 2009

The building works involve building a new bay on one half of the front of the house and a dormer in the attic, putting in two new shower rooms, with new sewers leading across the front garden, a new solar thermal panel on the rear roof, upgrades to water and gas mains ...

This page: July-August - September-October - November-December - End of phase 1

The first week we dug up the front garden. The second week was mainly stripping out. In the fourth week they started insulating the roof. These pictures are arranged roughly by room to show the progressive stages in each location.

2009:07:18 Day 1 they took down the front wall of the library
2009:07:18 Rear of the house with scaffolding
2009:07:20 Concrete mixer etc. in the rear drive
2009:07:18 Week 1 they dug up the front garden: trench for new sewer
2009:07:20 Digging the sewer manhole in the side alley
2009:07:20 Diggers parked outside
2009:07:20 Going down - it ended up 2.7m deep
2009:07:21 Steve the foreman
2009:07:21 Steve the foreman rear view
2009:07:21 Rings going in
2009:07:18 In the second week they started stripping out: The library - empty and with the shop window removed and boarded up
2009:07:29 Library missing ceiling and most of the wall panelling
2009:07:29 Library featuring the bracing in the ceiling
2009:08:03 Library now with half the floor up
2009:07:18 Blue bedroom empty
2009:07:28 Blue bedroom partly sheeted off for dust (the exercise machine and carpet are behind the curtain)
2009:07:18 Yellow bedroom empty except carpet and curtains
2009:07:29 Carpet up, chimney breast partly demolished
2009:07:29 Chimney breast fully demolished
2009:07:29 The new doorway to the blue room (will be shower room door for en-suite to blue room)
2009:07:29 The two windows that will be replaced by the bay have now been removed
2009:07:18 The old office emptied
2009:07:18 The old office, with the carpet up
2009:07:29 Door off
2009:08:03 Minus roof insulation and floor up
2009:07:18 The top floor toilet
2009:07:18 The exercise machine still in the box room
2009:07:28 Stud walls partly demolished
2009:07:29 Stud walls mostly demolished but toilet, basin and shower still in place
2009:07:29 Now with most of the roof insulation gone
2009:08:03 Basin gone - note the header tank that was above the shower is now behind the loo
2009:08:03 Now the toilet is gone too
2009:07:18 Shop window out aand boarded up
2009:07:29 The base wall for the new bay window is coming along
2009:07:28 The builders have been going in and out by walking the plank which fits into the slot for the new gas meter
2009:08:03 Scaffolding now in the front too
2009:08:03 The wall is finished, plank access gone and the new gas meter box in place (but not yet connected)
2009:08:04 Week 3, Scaffolding added at the side for pointing
2009:08:07 Piles of insulation in the rear drive
2009:08:07 Flooring piled on the patio, ready to be carried up the ladder into the attic
2009:08:07 Yellow bedroom: soil pipe from top floor will eventually be boxed in
2009:08:18 Yellow bedroom: studding for shower room now in
2009:08:27 Inside the shower room which now has walls
2009:08:04 No walls left in the attic
2009:08:04 Acroprop holding up the roof where the old beam was not quite long enough (!)
2009:08:12 New roof beam
2009:08:12 End of roof beam end not properly seated yet
2009:08:12 Other end of roof beam also not seated
2009:08:12 attic loo removed
2009:08:12 but it can still be a table
2009:08:12 hole in the tiles - now we know why we had a leak
2009:08:14 New studding for shower room in attic
2009:08:18 doorway through to new office coming
2009:08:27 Walls added to shower room in attic
2009:08:14 Insulation ready to be installed
2009:08:18 celotex installed in roof around new window
2009:08:21 more insulation in roof
2009:08:27 plaster board over the celotex in the attic roof (old office)
2009:08:27 plasterboard on the walls in the new office
2009:08:21 old (right) and new (left) velux windows