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Research on energy saving behaviours

DECC have published research which I conducted with Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd called How much energy could be saved by making small changes to everyday household behaviours? and it covers things like defrosting the fridge to keeping the lid on saucepans, fitting a low flow shower head or closing bedroom windows. You can download the report and associated spreadsheet (showing calculations) from the Energy Efficiency Strategy published November 2012 by the Energy Efficiency Deployment Office.

Home Electricity Usage Calculator

This is a simple tool to help you track down what you are using your elecricity for, so you can see where you can make savings. Please try it out and let me know how you get on.

Research on thermal storage and insulation

Earlier this year I did some research with Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd for DECC about the potential for thermal storage in the home and state of the art insulation materials. You can download a draft of the report from the CAR website.

Science 105 community radio

Hear my voice - with my friend Roger Frost - on the Science Show on Cambridge 105. I collaborated with Roger for 6 programs showcasing science - at home, at work, in the news, and events in the Cambridge area. You can find links to download the podcasts here.

Alternatives to Economic Growth

This was a one-day conference organised by the Cambridge Green Party. I put together this short article to introduce a discussion on energy use. It mainly uses material from my book, from sources I used in my book and also my blog.

Thank you for coming to my website. If you wish to contact me please use the contact form.

If you are interested in the building work we have had on our house then here is a quick introduction and lots of pictures.

If it is my book Energy and carbon emissions: the way we live today that has brought you to my site, then you will find information and extra resources here. I have used data from the book to write a little quiz.

If you are interested in my consulting services then please ask for a full CV but here is a brief resume .

If you are interested in my Transition Cambridge activity you had better start with that website (which I support so if you find any hiccoughs or have any suggestions do let me know).

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